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City of Omaha - Nebraska

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The Omaha Housing Authority Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a five (5) year or less voluntary program that offers an opportunity for residents who are motivated to change their economic future.  View brochure.

The FSS Program EMPOWERS FSS participants to attain goals of becoming gainfully employed and free of public assistance. The FSS team works by helping participants to develop the skills, education and self-confidence needed to become self-sufficient.  By connecting participants with appropriate supportive service agencies such as; job training, job placement, budgeting counseling, health care, child care, legal services, emergency services, and substance abuse treatment allows program participants to invest time and energy into achieving their life plan.

An attainable goal for any FSS participant is Homeownership.  The FSS team works closely with the Omaha Housing Authority's Homeownership program to build a homeownership goal so a family can begin to make positive life changes that will have an everlasting impact on all members of the household.   

Benefits of Family Self Sufficiency:

Besides the one-on-one case management and advocacy, is the FSS escrow account.  The escrow account is an individual savings account that is set up by OHA, and is based on the family's income.  The amount of money deposited is a direct result of the participants increased contribution to their rent, due to an increase in earnings after joining the FSS program.  The escrow account is then awarded to the individual or family once the goals they have established are achieved.  This provides a tremendous incentive for change!

Who is eligible to participate in the FSS program?

FSS is a voluntary program, open to current residents in Public Housing or the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program.

For more information about the FSS Program contact Section 8 at 402-444-7100 ext. 229 or 232 or Public Housing FSS: 402-444-7100 ext. 213.

FSS Success Story

Tasha Stevenson graduated from the FSS program in the Spring of 2008.  Tasha's goals were to complete her Bachelors Degree with a double major in Social Work and Human Services, raise her credit score and prepare for homeownership.  Tasha's journey throughout the FSS program was marked with her successes, as well as the struggles of being a single parent, working full-time and attending school. 

Tasha paid off outstanding creditors, her vehicle loan as well as completing her degree.  She participated in the first-time home-buyers education program and is looking forward to using her escrow worth over $10,000.00 to begin building the home of her dreams.  Tasha was recently awarded a scholarship to continue pursuing her Masters Degree.  Tasha is truly an inspiration for us all.