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Youth Programs 

The goals for the Youth Prevention Intervention Program are to divert youth from drugs, gangs, and other at-risk activities. Creating a positive and enriching capacity, while building activities for kids in order to prevent criminal involvement and also creating an environment of mutual trust between youths. 

The guidelines for the Youth Prevention Intervention Program are as follows:

  • This program is currently only available to children residing in the Southside Terrace.
  • This project is in collaboration and a grant funded by the Weed and Seed program.
  • Every three months there will be a total of 25 youth participating.  Each child will have a group leader (Mentor).  A series of 9 crime prevention field trips will be conducted in the Omaha area during the grant period.
  • Children participate in workshops that are designated to career preparation, hygiene, anti-violence, mannerism, and community involvement.
  • Field trips have included college facility tours, Douglas County Youth Correctional facility, Youth Conferences that focus on gang prevention, and a day coordinated by the Boy Scouts of America to teach team building and anti-violent behavior. Other field trips will focus on drug prevention, bullying, gang violence and gang intervention.

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