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City of Omaha - Nebraska

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Property Owner Information

Thank you for your interest in the Section 8 Program!  This guidebook/Web site has been prepared to acquaint owners and managers like yourself with the opportunities available under the program; and to answer any questions regarding participating in the Housing Assistance Payments Program.  After review of this information, should you have any additional questions, please call our office to schedule an appointment for orientation.


The Section 8 Program is designed to achieve three major objectives:

  1. To provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for very low income families while maintaining their rent payments at an affordable level.
  2. To promote freedom of housing choice and spatial deconcentration of very low income families of all races and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. To provide an incentive to private property owners to rent to very low income families by offering timely assistance payments.

In addition, the Omaha Housing Authority (OHA) has the following goals for the program:

  1. To assist the Local economy by increasing the occupancy rate and the amount of money flowing to the community.
  2. To encourage self-sufficiency of participant families.

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